Canadian Delegation Impressed by the Charity Work Being Done By Colel Chabad

Some members of the Canadian rabbinic delegation.

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Shortly after landing in Israel on their first official visit to the Middle East, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his delegation got down to business. Charity was the first item on their agenda. At a reception at the David Citadel Hotel, the delegation and communal leaders learned about the impressive work done by Colel Chabad, the oldest charity in Israel. Colel Chabad has in fact been taking care of poor people in Israel since the year 1788.

Rabbi Zalman Duchman of the Colel Chabad spoke about how impressed he was at the kindness being shown by Colel Chabad to the impoverished people of Israel. Colel Chabad’s main aim is to provide charitable and philanthropic services. In fact, it is much more concerned about doing charity than it is in economic development.

Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn, Director of the public affairs for the Canadian Federation of Chabad-Lubavitch, was the emcee for the event. The Canadian group was certainly very impressed by Mark Adler, the event’s co-host. Meanwhile, Rabbi Zalman A. Grossbaum, Director of the Chabad-Luvatich Community Center in Thornhill led the group in saying the Psalms.

The high point of the event was a wonderful performance by fourteen year old child star Daniel Pruzansky. The young man is being raised by his mother who is Russian by birth. He regaled the group with his wonderful rendition of English and Yiddish classics. Colel Chabad has done much to help this young man educate himself and they have also arranged to make him a celebrity in not just Israel but also in foreign countries.

According to Rabbi Zalman Duchman, Colel Chabad, which is one among hundreds of other Chabad organizations, is honored that the Canadian group had chosen to visit it and not any of the other charitable organizations operating in Israel.

Orthodox Jewish Teenager Goes Missing in Brookline MA

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Forty-eight hours have passed since a sixteen year boy from Massachusetts disappeared. A concerted effort has begun to find the missing teenager and both community members as well as police personnel are organizing a search for the missing eleventh grader.

Caleb Jacoby, who is the son of Jeff Jacoby, a Boston Globe columnist, disappeared around 12:30 pm on a Monday afternoon. Caleb studies at Maimonides School. He is five feet eleven inches tall and weighs about one hundred and forty pounds and wears glasses. When last seen, he was wearing his glasses and was dressed in navy chino pants. He was also wearing a navy polo shirt and a brown colored hooded winter coat.

The Facebook page of his school says that volunteers aged eighteen and up had been requested to come to the school in the morning to help find the missing teenaged student. Efrat Lipshitz, who is one of the teachers who has been teaching Caleb at Maimonides, spoke to VIN News and said that there was an urgent need for people to come together to search for the missing student. He also added that Caleb had not been seen in school on Monday which was the day that he disappeared.

At this time, Brookline Police have ruled out the possibility of any foul play.  They said that he could either be missing or may have run away. Captain Thomas Keaveney of the Brookline Police Department’s Community Services Division added that it did not matter what term was used to describe the disappearance. The important thing is that the police was not suspecting foul play at the moment.

Caleb’s father, Jeff Jacoby voiced his appreciation of the efforts to find his son and was “deeply grateful for everything being done to reunite us with our beloved son Caleb”. Caleb who lives in Brookline village is known to visit the libraries frequently and he also visits the Young Israel of Brookline frequently.

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